Sekushi Panda Bebi (king_zudah) wrote in livevil_wisdom,
Sekushi Panda Bebi

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Anybody have any inquiries? The President is is now in, and ready to give you very practical advice*.

*advice is taken at your own risk, and The President is not responsible for the consequences of actually taking it.
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How does one get blood stains out of black cotton anyway?

... Uh... you know, just curious. That's all. Not like I got anything on my black clothes the other day. *cough*
Use bleach! Bleach gets rid of almost all stains, even ones on your heart or your soiled hands. Try it on dirty money some day!
If you want me to post, thne you will have to add me back.
How can you tell which everyday, complete strangers are actually serial rapists? Or cereal rapists?
Officially join using this link!

Dear Minion Number Priya,
Serial rapists are always middle aged men that dress in dirty clothes. Brown trenchcoats are sure indicators, and so are grey goatees with mud in them.

I can assure you, you will not be raped more than once by anybody else.

As for Cereal rapists, they have no souls. They have no auras. And they leave a trail of screaming wheat and sugar behind them whereever they walk.